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With Luke Rees from Fidler & Pepper

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Luke Rees is a Commercial Partner at Fidler & Pepper Solicitors and has been a qualified solicitor for over 7 years. Luke has a vast amount of legal experience and has specialised in Commercial Law focusing on Commercial Contracts, Terms and Conditions, Commericial Employment and Commercial Conveyancing.

Workshop Objectives:

  • An introduction to the importance of Terms and Conditions
  • Making your Terms and Conditions relevant to you
  • Price - what's included
  • Payment - managing cash flow
  • Interest - incentives to pay
  • Delivery - setting expectations
  • Liability - protecting your business

If you would like to book on to this fantastic workshop, then please click on the link below. 10

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With Rachel Panther

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If you want to launch or grow your business you will need to understand how the business makes money and how to maximise those profits going forward. As a business owner, if you don't have a vision of what success looks like for your business (and you!), how do you know what to aim for and even more importantly if you are on track to reach those goals?

Workshop Objectives

  • An understanding of how the new or early stage business can make more money (how does it generate sales greater than costs and.....get paid for it?)
  • Helping you to visualise what success looks like for the business (and you!) and defining a set of key performance goals that will drive profits within the business.
  • Provide you with simple tools to really understand the following:
    • Core financial statements and what you need to look at each month to track progress
    • Your primary units of sale and gross profit margin
    • Sales Forecasting
    • Running costs of the business
    • The Profit & Loss
    • Where are your risks?

If you would like to book onto this fantastic workshop then please visit the link below: 10



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21st April @ Mansfield i-Centre, Mansfield.

Lindsey is a specialist marketing expert and has over 20 years experience. She has worked in a a variety of sectors such as IT, Leisure and Manufacturing. She now specilaises in helping small business' grow through better marketing, with a focus on return on investment.

Lindsey is on a mission to 'de-mystify' marketing and social media and help business owners raise their profile and gain more sales leads.

  • What is Marketing and why is it important?
  • How Marketing should fit with your businss plan and objectives
  • Defining your target market and what makes you different
  • Marketing for your business on a shoestring budget
  • Get the best from Social Media
  • Engaging with the press
  • Effective e-mail marketing


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If you would like to confirm your place on this fabulous workshop, please visit:

You are Invited to Adina's Recruitment Open Day.

14th April 2016


Please come along and receive recruitment advice.

Refreshments availbale and children welcome.

On site:

Numbermill Compliance Consultant for Workers

Peter Smythe Truck/Driver Training

Also, local industrial recruitment specialist and Kids colouring competition to win a sweet hamper.


Call Adina/Carla or Danielle on

01623 408323 / 07791092474

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Bake Sale


The bake sale we held on Friday 26th February, was a brilliant success. We managed to raise over £70 for the charity Phab Kids.

A massive thankyou to everyone who took part either doing the baking or the eating :)


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